Custom Build Your New Trans Am Today… Virtual Trans Am


The New Trans Am

Built on the GM Zeta Platform, today’s Trans Am is a modern muscle car version of its iconic forefather. With four separate TA models and a huge array of options like T-tops, custom paint options and performance packages to choose from, you can custom order your very own Trans Am just the way you like it. Want to see it in action check out our video page.


Extraordinary Design Features

You will find nothing less than exceptional craftsmanship and style as our staff of engineers and designers take extraordinary care in creating the features that take our models to a whole new level. From custom leather interiors to paint, fit and finish, we promise nothing less than a remarkable level of quality and an exceptional experience. Perfectly designed and flawlessly executed.


Performance Packages

We have mild to wild performance packages from 500 to 840hp. Do you want gut wrenching horsepower, select the “840HP Extreme Performance Package” check out the viral video. Each model has access to one of four performance upgrades that will separate you from the pack. Designed with your taste in mind we can recommended the right one for you.

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