Stage I – 550hp

Mild idle, stock driving manners and just enough extra power to command street respect. We install our root mounted 2300 TVS supercharger, 6lb of direct boost and finish it off with a dyno tune.

Stage II – 650hp

Our stage II package has everything the Stage I has… PLUS, stainless steel long tube headers, 2.5” exhaust w/crossover, performance mufflers and two additional pounds of boost giving it drivable manners with an exhaust note that is calm but suspicious.

Stage III – 700+ HP

Combining performance with sound, our Stage III package is for the discretionary car enthusiast. Take the first two stages of performance; 2300 TVS root mounted supercharger, stainless exhaust, performance mufflers and a dyno tune and add a custom grind “old-school” cam, LS9 injectors, boost-a pump, performance valve springs, and even more boost….and there’s no hiding the fact that this is serious business. The lope of our custom grind cam adds to the deep menacing tone an unmistakable “throw back” rhythm that was the signature sound during the early muscle car era. LISTEN TO THE SOUND IDLING

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